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Special Aquariums for Saltwater Fish San Diego, CA

Do You Need to Buy a Special Kind of Aquarium for Saltwater Fish?

Fish tanks aren’t generally manufactured specifically for freshwater or saltwater species. The only exceptions would be custom acrylic tanks equipped with sumps and compartments that aquarium installers market for reef tanks. However, you should be able to convert a tank previously used as a freshwater habitat into a saltwater ecosystem as long as it can hold at least 30 gallons of water. Fishbowls and other small tanks used to keep a single Betta male, for example, would be out of the question. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to tanks for saltwater environments. Nano Marine Aquariums In the saltwater fish keeping hobby, tanks smaller than 30 …

Can Plants Remove Ammonia in Fish Aquariums San Diego, CA

Can Plants Remove the Ammonia in Your Aquarium’s Water?

Adding live plants will always be one of the smartest strategies you can apply to your fish keeping experience. You’ll never go wrong with a planted habitat, and one of the reasons for this recommended practice is related to the ability of aquatic plants to absorb ammonia from the water. As all aquarists know, keeping ammonia levels down to zero is crucial to the survival of fish and invertebrates, so this is a key advantage to keeping freshwater planted aquariums. Here are a few things you should know about this biochemical process. Understanding Plants and the Nitrogen Cycle When you establish a tank before stocking it with fish, you’re in …

Best Temperature Level for Planted Tanks San Diego, CA

What’s the Ideal Temperature for a Planted Aquarium?

Water temperature considerations for any aquarium will always come down to the species you stock your tank with. Whether you care for an aquascape or a planted tank that includes fish or invertebrates, you can’t assume all plants will thrive at the same temperature. Ornamental fish are largely resilient tropical species that can adapt to a range of temperatures. The same can be said about many plant species, but some happen to be more delicate than others. Recommended Water Temperature for Planted Tanks If you ask for freshwater tank temperature advice from your local aquarium supplier, chances are the recommendation will be around 76 or 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature …

Do You Need a Pair of Clownfish San Diego, CA

Is It Best to Keep Clownfish in Pairs?

More than 40 percent of marine and reef aquariums around the world are stocked with Amphiprioninae, a genus more commonly referred to as clownfish and that owes a significant portion of its popularity to the 2003 Pixar film Finding Nemo. Amphiprioninae are very diverse in terms of variants. The one featured on Finding Nemo is from the ocellaris family, which happens to be the most common among saltwater fish keepers. Since the orange clownfish is relatively small, you might be tempted to get a few for your tank, but this may not be a good idea. Unless the tank holds at least 200 gallons of water, the most ideal number …

How to Prep Aquarium Plants San Diego, CA

What’s the Best Way to Prepare Plants for Your Aquarium?

Whether you keep freshwater or saltwater fish, adding live plants to their habitat is one of the best things you can do in terms of balancing the ecosystem. All the ornamental fish species kept in aquariums are used to having aquatic plants in their natural habitats. This is the main reason you should keep plants, but there are a few other important benefits as well. Plants provide shelter, nourishment, and biochemical oxygenation of the water column. Plus, they reduce algae growth. When you’re ready to introduce new plants to your tank, there are a few things to keep in mind with regard to preparation. Considering Biological Safety The source of …

Sumps for Freshwater Planted Aquariums San Diego, CA

Can You Use a Sump in a Freshwater Planted Aquarium?

Aquarium sump filtration systems are essentially spaces where fish keepers can consolidate pieces of equipment. Quite a few aquarists design their own sumps, particularly for reef tanks, but these systems can also be used when keeping freshwater species. You’ll rarely see sumps being offered as part of starter aquarium kits. They’re more likely installed along with custom acrylic installations, and they’re often placed under the tank or behind it. In a garden koi pond, a sump drainage and filtration system provides maximum convenience in terms of maintenance. With all this in mind, sumps aren’t common in the aquascaping world, but there’s no reason they should be excluded from freshwater planted …

How CO2 Affects pH in Fish Tanks San Diego, CA

Can CO2 Alter pH Levels in an Aquarium?

The potential of hydrogen in any compound is known as pH. In the case of the water that sustains aquarium ecosystems, pH measurements indicate the levels of acidity or alkalinity, which fish keepers should strive to keep balanced according to the aquatic species they care for. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14. The lower numbers veer toward acid levels while the higher numbers denote alkaline levels. The ionization of water molecules affects the pH. In essence, the higher number of hydroxide ions results in alkaline water while the higher number of hydrogen ions causes more acidic water. Carbon dioxide has an effect on the pH levels of aquariums, …

Using Artificial Plants in Fish Aquariums San Diego, CA

Should You Use Fake Plants in Your Fish Tank?

Whether you keep fish in freshwater (large or nano) tanks, one of the best things you can do for your aquatic species is to provide them with live plants purchased from a trusted aquarium supplier. Virtually all tropical fish and invertebrates that are part of the aquarist hobby come from natural habitats where plants thrive, and this is the main argument in favor of live plants versus their plastic counterparts. Live plants also help you establish a more balanced ecosystem because they promote biochemical oxygenation and compete with algae for nutrients. In other words, you’ll always be better off with live plants in the aquarium, but this doesn’t mean you …

Should You Use Gravel for Planted Aquariums San Diego, CA

Should You Use Gravel for the Plants in Your Aquarium?

In May 2021, British newspaper The Times published a lifestyle feature about a trend observed among middle-aged men across the United Kingdom. Instead of motorcycles and grueling CrossFit challenges, British men of a certain age are taking up aquascaping, the art of keeping lush aquarium gardens. A few celebrities, such as BBC host James Wong, have been chronicling their new hobbies on social networks such as Twitter, and they’re now fielding questions such as whether freshwater aquarium plants can be grown on gravel substrates. The answer is yes, some aquatic plant species will benefit from gravel being part of the ecosystem. The Main Types of Aquatic Plants Without getting too …

Curing Boredom in Aquarium Fish San Diego, CA

How to Keep the Fish in Your Aquarium from Getting Bored

All fish keepers wonder if the species in their tanks have emotions. If your connection to fish is limited to seeing them served on platters, you won’t think much about their behaviors or what may affect their feelings. Aquarists, on the other hand, get to observe fish in the enclosed ecosystems they’ve established, and this allows them to determine situations in which aquatic species exhibit boredom. In 2018, the PBS television series Nova aired a documentary on the topic of fish and their multitude of feelings. One of the points marine biologists make is that aquatic species showing defined reactions to stimuli have the potential to get bored in the …

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