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Predators of Koi Ponds San Diego, CA

Predators to Keep an Eye Out for if You Have a Koi Pond

Depending on its location and how it’s set up, a koi pond can be very similar to a natural body of water. Think about a garden pond where the backyard isn’t fenced and faces toward a greenbelt section or a lake. In this case, it wouldn’t be unusual for other species to become attracted to what they may consider a source of food and water. Beyond insects, frogs, snails, and turtles, backyard koi ponds also have the potential of attracting predatory species. What this means for koi pond keepers is that they should become aware of predatory risks, and they should also learn to minimize them. The friendly and knowledgeable …

Set-Up for 20-Gallon Fish Aquariums San Diego, CA

How to Set Up Your New 20-Gallon Aquarium

The aquarium hobby largely consists of establishing and maintaining enclosed aquatic ecosystems that can range in sizes. If you seek the advice of the employees at an aquarium shop such as Aquatic Warehouse, they may recommend starting with a rectangular 20-gallon freshwater tank. You won’t want to start off with anything smaller—forget about the fishbowls you see in the movies and on television because they’re not ideal for beginners. In the case of saltwater and reef tanks, you shouldn’t start with anything smaller than 50 gallons. Here are some of the tips aquarium shops often give their customers when setting up 20-gallon tanks. Start Off with a Kit The most …

When to Change the Water the First Time in an Aquarium San Diego, CA

When Should You Perform the First Water Change in a Fish Tank?

The life of a fish keeper in relation to his or her aquarium is dictated by a constant stream of water changes. Whether you keep a saltwater or freshwater tank, you can count on having to do periodic water changes for as long as you have fish species to keep. Even aquarists who only keep plants will have to complete water changes from time to time. The purpose of water changes is to keep the enclosed ecosystem fresh and as healthy as it was a few days after the nitrogen cycle was established and the first few species were introduced. The First Water Change When you decide to start a …

Is Algae Okay for Koi Ponds San Diego, CA

Is It Bad for Koi Ponds to Have Algae?

As one of the most ancient and resilient organisms on our planet, algae is something all koi pond owners should expect to find in their ponds. Paleontologists estimate that the most primitive forms of algae, which are microscopic, initially formed about two billion years ago. There are thousands of varietal algae species, and you can bet on dozens of them forming in your koi pond from time to time. It would be inaccurate to say algae is bad for koi ponds. Some types of algae are very beneficial in terms of promoting a healthy aquatic ecosystem, and you wouldn’t want to eliminate them. Other species such as phytoplanktonic algae actually …

Kill Parasites with Salt in Aquariums San Diego, CA

Can You Kill Parasites in Aquarium Fish Using Salt?

Sodium chloride, more commonly known as salt, is a compound that has quite a few uses beyond the kitchen. This compound is added to a few medicines such as intravenous solutions administered to patients in many healthcare facilities. The medicinal properties of salt also extend to the aquarium hobby, and not just to saltwater fish tanks. You can use salt to treat freshwater species for parasitic conditions, but you should learn about the correct kind of salt to use as well as the proper dosage. Here are few recommendations about using salt in an aquarium as a treatment against parasites. Aquarium-Safe Salts Table salt is highly treated and fortified sodium …

Do Waterfalls Aerate Koi Ponds San Diego, CA

Can a Waterfall Effectively Aerate a Koi Pond?

The Asian carp species that ornamental koi descend from were able to adapt from lakes and streams to rice paddies, but they wouldn’t do so well in a still water habitat. Chinese aquaculture farmers can raise carp in rice paddies where the water enjoys some form of natural aeration and motion. This is typically accomplished through irrigation and draining. In the case of garden ponds, a few species may be able to withstand a still water ecosystem, but not koi because they need proper oxygenation at all times. Aeration and filtration are some of the most essential koi pond supplies because they keep the water column in motion, thus promoting …

What if You Buy a Home with a Koi Pond San Diego, CA

What to Do if You’ve Bought a Home with a Preexisting Koi Pond

Koi ponds aren’t generally considered to be real estate features that entice average homebuyers and move deals toward the closing table. Depending on how the agent and seller feel with regard to listing the property, an existing koi pond may not even be mentioned in the MLS description, which is silly because it’s a beautiful focal point and a relaxing destination in a yard. When you search MLS databases for homes with koi ponds, not many listings will come up. However, smart real estate agents know that including this niche feature in the property description will attract specific buyers. In essence, koi ponds are special landscaping features that may or …

Most Popular Freshwater Aquarium Fish San Diego, CA

What Fish Species Are Most Popular for Freshwater Tanks?

People who get into the aquarium hobby usually opt for a freshwater aquarium rather than a reef tank, which is a better starting step. Many beginners have specific fish in mind before they go about setting up their tanks, and they’re often the most popular species that thrive in freshwater tropical habitats. The factors that make some freshwater fish more popular include looks, hardiness, disposition, behaviors, ease of breeding, and even appearances on film and television. Let’s get to know some of these species. Fancy Goldfish We can either thank or blame Hollywood for making goldfish such a popular aquarium species. It seems as if any scene that calls for …

Caring for Baby Fish in Aquariums San Diego, CA

5 Things You Should Do to Properly Care for Baby Fish in Your Tank

A basic lesson in marine biology as it applies to the aquarium hobby goes as follows: if you stock a tank with males and females of the same species, chances are they’ll mate and reproduce at some point, often during the spring, and the female will lay dozens of eggs for insemination. In some cases, fish are live-bearers and “mouthbrooders,” like the African cichlids in the picture. Some species will breed at a prolific pace that keeps fish keepers on their toes, so you’ll have to make certain decisions in this regard. Keeping only males or only females of the same species is recommended if you don’t want to deal …

What to Do About Too Many Plants in Koi Pond San Diego, CA

How to Keep the Aquatic Plants in Your Koi Pond Under Control

A koi pond without aquatic plants isn’t something pond keepers typically aim for. Raising koi without any plant life is like farming tilapia in a tank. It minimizes aesthetics and makes life less satisfactory for pond species. You should have aquatic plants in your garden pond not only because they look nice but also because they provide nutrition and shelter in addition to biochemical advantages such as oxygenation, algae control, and ammonia reduction. In warm climates, plants can help with keeping pond water cool, but they can also proliferate and become troublesome. Here’s a quick guide to keeping plants under control in a pond, brought to you by Aquatic Warehouse, …

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