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Is It Possible to Overfill Fish Tanks San Diego, CA

Is It Possible to Overfill an Aquarium?

Fish tanks are generally acquired by their volume. For example, 20-gallon tanks are often sold as part of starter freshwater aquarium kits for beginners, and their shapes are rectangular for the most part. The volume capacity of a fish tank gives you an idea about how heavy it can be once it’s filled with water, substrate, decorations, and aquatic species. In the case of 20-gallon tanks, we’re talking about approximately 225 pounds, which means you would have to provide furniture or a structure to support such weight. The volume measurement refers to the tank filled to the very top, but you should never fill it up so much. Recommended Aquarium …

Tips for Beginners to Tropical Fish Aquariums San Diego, CA

Tips for Beginners When Setting Up a Tropical Aquarium

Entering the world of fish keeping isn’t complicated. Some tanks are kits that have been specifically put together with beginners in mind, and they’re meant to become enclosed ecosystems for tropical fish (make sure you ask, because not all starter kits are created with everything that’s needed). The aquarist hobby is an excellent introduction to biochemistry, marine biology, and ecology. Plus, it boils down to giving pets the tender loving care they deserve. Whether you go with an aquarium starter kit or decide to take it slow and complete a nitrogen cycle on your own, here are some tips to guide you along the way. Choose Between a Freshwater or …

Exercise for Aquarium Fish San Diego, CA

Is Exercise Important for Aquarium Fish?

Virtually all aquatic species need some sort of physical activity to enjoy healthy lives. Tropical fish and invertebrates, whether they’re kept in freshwater or saltwater tanks, stand to benefit the most from exercise because they’re already living in enclosed ecosystems that are generally far smaller than their natural habitats. Aquarium fish incorporate exercise into their lives through activities such as swimming, feeding, mating, establishing territory, and escaping aggressors. This need for exercise is something fish keepers should keep in mind when setting up their tanks. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Aquatic Warehouse, a trusted provider of saltwater and freshwater aquarium supplies, would like to share some important details about …

Professional Design for Fish Tanks San Diego, CA

How to Make Your Aquarium Appear as if It’s Professionally Designed

From 2011 to 2018, some of the most exuberant and spectacular aquariums were featured on the reality television show Tanked, which aired on the Animal Planet cable network for more than 150 episodes. Every aquarium shown on Tanked was (though we will say that most were a bit zany and over the top) designed by a professional acrylics manufacturer with many years of experience setting up freshwater and saltwater tanks for commercial establishments, celebrities, and interior decorators with wealthy clients. Retaining the services of professionals who set up aquariums for discerning clients isn’t the only way to make a tank look as if it could have appeared on an episode …

Schedule for Maintaining Aquariums San Diego, CA

What’s the Best Schedule for Maintaining an Aquarium

The rewarding hobby of fish keeping revolves around routines. Just like other pets—such as cats and dogs—require daily care and feeding, fish and invertebrates also need your attention frequently, although some tasks can be streamlined and automated if you have all of the necessary fish tank supplies. Aquarists know the maintenance performed on their tanks is vital because they’re in charge of balancing the biochemistry of enclosed aquatic ecosystems. Keeping an aquarium clean and balanced will translate into healthy and happy species. This is something you can accomplish in just 30 minutes each week for freshwater tanks, or about an hour each week for saltwater tanks. Daily Aquarium Tasks Fish …

Why New Fish Die in Aquariums San Diego, CA

Top 4 Reasons New Fish Die in a Tank

Even though aquarium fish are traditionally kept for their ornamental value, we tend to appreciate them as pets. For this reason, seeing these aquatic creatures suddenly dying can be extremely frustrating. Quite a few tropical fish don’t have long life spans, but even guppies should live a couple of years in a healthy ecosystem. Some of the tiny saltwater goby species will only live about a year in captivity or in a natural reef habitat. Since the fish you get from aquarium shops are usually juvenile, you should expect to keep them for about three quarters of their regular life span. If they die shortly after you introduce them to …

Should You Use Bottled Water in Fish Tanks San Diego, CA

Is It Okay to Add Bottled Water to an Aquarium?

Bottled water is an industry that has taken over the world, and the United States is where this market is the most active. Water that comes from bottles sold at a supermarket is perfectly fine for human consumption, and it can be one of the various sources of water for your aquarium, but only if it’s adequately treated. However, for the most part, there are no good reasons for fish keepers to use bottled water unless the municipal water is of suspect quality. The Best Water for Fish Tanks Established H2O that has completed the nitrogen cycle and been enriched with beneficial Nitrobacter colonies will always be the best solution …

Handling Aggressive Fish in Aquariums San Diego, CA

How to Handle Aggressive Fish Species in Your Aquarium

You don’t have to be a seasoned aquarist to accept that not all fish will get along. Aquatic species, whether they come from freshwater or saltwater habitats, are guided by certain behaviors that can make them aggressive. Such behaviors may be inherent or a result of events and conditions within enclosed ecosystems such as fish tanks. Fish will fight over food, territory, reproductive mates, or because it’s in their nature to fight for survival. In community aquariums, different species are expected to coexist peacefully. These are the tanks nearly all aquarists strive to keep because of their colorful diversity, but physical aggression can even break out in these habitats. Here’s …

Set-Up for 20-Gallon Fish Aquariums San Diego, CA

How to Set Up Your New 20-Gallon Aquarium

The aquarium hobby largely consists of establishing and maintaining enclosed aquatic ecosystems that can range in sizes. If you seek the advice of the employees at an aquarium shop such as Aquatic Warehouse, they may recommend starting with a rectangular 20-gallon freshwater tank. You won’t want to start off with anything smaller—forget about the fishbowls you see in the movies and on television because they’re not ideal for beginners. In the case of saltwater and reef tanks, you shouldn’t start with anything smaller than 50 gallons. Here are some of the tips aquarium shops often give their customers when setting up 20-gallon tanks. Start Off with a Kit The most …

When to Change the Water the First Time in an Aquarium San Diego, CA

When Should You Perform the First Water Change in a Fish Tank?

The life of a fish keeper in relation to his or her aquarium is dictated by a constant stream of water changes. Whether you keep a saltwater or freshwater tank, you can count on having to do periodic water changes for as long as you have fish species to keep. Even aquarists who only keep plants will have to complete water changes from time to time. The purpose of water changes is to keep the enclosed ecosystem fresh and as healthy as it was a few days after the nitrogen cycle was established and the first few species were introduced. The First Water Change When you decide to start a …

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