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Set-Up for 20-Gallon Fish Aquariums San Diego, CA

How to Set Up Your New 20-Gallon Aquarium

The aquarium hobby largely consists of establishing and maintaining enclosed aquatic ecosystems that can range in sizes. If you seek the advice of the employees at an aquarium shop such as Aquatic Warehouse, they may recommend starting with a rectangular 20-gallon freshwater tank. You won’t want to start off with anything smaller—forget about the fishbowls you see in the movies and on television because they’re not ideal for beginners. In the case of saltwater and reef tanks, you shouldn’t start with anything smaller than 50 gallons. Here are some of the tips aquarium shops often give their customers when setting up 20-gallon tanks. Start Off with a Kit The most …

When to Change the Water the First Time in an Aquarium San Diego, CA

When Should You Perform the First Water Change in a Fish Tank?

The life of a fish keeper in relation to his or her aquarium is dictated by a constant stream of water changes. Whether you keep a saltwater or freshwater tank, you can count on having to do periodic water changes for as long as you have fish species to keep. Even aquarists who only keep plants will have to complete water changes from time to time. The purpose of water changes is to keep the enclosed ecosystem fresh and as healthy as it was a few days after the nitrogen cycle was established and the first few species were introduced. The First Water Change When you decide to start a …

Kill Parasites with Salt in Aquariums San Diego, CA

Can You Kill Parasites in Aquarium Fish Using Salt?

Sodium chloride, more commonly known as salt, is a compound that has quite a few uses beyond the kitchen. This compound is added to a few medicines such as intravenous solutions administered to patients in many healthcare facilities. The medicinal properties of salt also extend to the aquarium hobby, and not just to saltwater fish tanks. You can use salt to treat freshwater species for parasitic conditions, but you should learn about the correct kind of salt to use as well as the proper dosage. Here are few recommendations about using salt in an aquarium as a treatment against parasites. Aquarium-Safe Salts Table salt is highly treated and fortified sodium …

Caring for Baby Fish in Aquariums San Diego, CA

5 Things You Should Do to Properly Care for Baby Fish in Your Tank

A basic lesson in marine biology as it applies to the aquarium hobby goes as follows: if you stock a tank with males and females of the same species, chances are they’ll mate and reproduce at some point, often during the spring, and the female will lay dozens of eggs for insemination. In some cases, fish are live-bearers and “mouthbrooders,” like the African cichlids in the picture. Some species will breed at a prolific pace that keeps fish keepers on their toes, so you’ll have to make certain decisions in this regard. Keeping only males or only females of the same species is recommended if you don’t want to deal …

How to Tell if Fish Are Fighting or Mating in Aquariums San Diego, CA

How Do I Know if My Fish Are Mating or Fighting?

Similar to many other species in the animal kingdom, fish sometimes fight for various reasons. Whether these reasons involve natural aggression, territorial behavior, or competitive feeding, asserting dominance is the common denominator and the end result. In some cases, the fighting will be motivated by mating cycles whereby males compete for the attention of females. Unless you’re a marine biologist, you may conflate further steps of mating with fighting because the behaviors look almost the same, and they may also vary between species. Seasoned fish keepers who breed their own stock, as well as the individuals who work at your trusted aquarium supplier, can differentiate between the two behaviors, and …

Cool Decoration Themes for Fish Tanks San Diego, CA

6 Coolest Ways to Decorate Your Fish Tank

Getting children interested in the aquarist hobby is a great way to introduce them to topics such as marine biology and biochemistry. Moreover, if they’re able to care for their tanks, this will foster a sense of responsibility. This is already a win-win situation, but it can be taken a step further with a cool decoration theme that will resonate with children. Decorating a tank is the easiest task in the fish keeping hobby. However, you should really put some effort and creativity into it. Here are six fun ideas that can make your aquarium look really cool, brought to you by the aquarium experts at Aquatic Warehouse. 1. SpongeBob …

Why Fish Like Bubbles in Aquariums San Diego, CA

Why Some Fish in Aquariums Enjoy Bubbles

The ornamental value of aquariums goes beyond the highly aesthetic anatomy of fish. To make a fish tank the focal point of a living space, you also need plants, lighting, rocks, decorations, and an aeration system to produce oxygen and move the water column. Air pumps are standard saltwater and freshwater aquarium supplies. They promote oxygenation of the water, but not necessarily through bubbles. The oxygenation process is actually created by the motion caused by air moving through the water, and this also explains why waterfalls are well-suited for koi ponds. As long as the water column is agitated, physical oxygenation will take place. If you’ve ever wondered why some …

Reasons for Schooling in Aquarium Fish San Diego, CA

Understanding Why Some Aquarium Fish School While Others Don’t

In marine biology, “schooling” refers to thousands of fish species that prefer aggregate company. Schooling fish can often be seen swimming in a group, but they also do many other activities together, such as feeding, exploring, mating, and staying away from predators. This group behavior is purely genetic. Tropical freshwater fish known for their schooling behavior include neon tetras, danios, and some Corydoras. In reef tanks, dartfish and cardinalfish also school together if they have enough space. Fish keepers who are into aquascaping tend to limit their stock to a single school that won’t feed on plants or disturb the substrate. Here’s what you should know about schooling behavior in …

Health Benefits of Having Home Fish Aquarium San Diego, CA

5 Awesome Ways Having a Fish Tank in Your Home Can Boost Your Health

Many people get into the aquarist hobby because of its ornamental properties. A fish tank in the living room, den, office, or even in the lobby of a commercial property can be the ultimate decorative touch, and the same can be said about a koi pond in the backyard. In some cases, fish keepers set up tanks for the purpose of giving their children practical lessons in biology and ecosystems. There’s even an entire segment of aquarists who keep fish, plants, and invertebrates for their own health benefits. This hobby is known to provide certain rewards that can improve some medical conditions. Here are five of the better-known health benefits …

Common Medications for Aquarium Fish San Diego, CA

What Are the Most Common Medications for Aquarium Fish?

Since aquatic species require enclosed ecosystems, fish keepers become the de facto health officials of their aquariums. As an aquarist, the guidance you follow becomes the policy you implement to balance the overall health of the habitat. Once you gain a good understanding of biochemistry, you’ll look at your aquarium maintenance routines as means to preventing disease outbreaks. However, you may still run into situations when the health of your fish, invertebrates, plants, and beneficial bacteria could be impacted. With this in mind, some conditions are more common than others, which is why it’s a good idea for you to know about the medications below. Plus, this could be a …

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