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Coolest Freshwater Aquarium Fish San Diego CA

5 Very Cool Freshwater Fish You Can Keep in Your Tank

It’s common to believe the most exotic aquarium species can only be kept in reef tanks and other enclosed saltwater habitats, but the reality of fish keeping is that some extremely cool fish can be kept in a freshwater aquarium as well. Some of these exotic species are somewhat difficult to care for, but not all of them. A few of the fish listed below can be compared to goldfish in terms of being hardy, resilient, and highly adaptable, but other factors such as conservation status and aquarium hobby lore make them uncommon. 1. Chinese Dragon Fish According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the Asian arowana is …

Most Popular Freshwater Aquarium Fish San Diego, CA

What Fish Species Are Most Popular for Freshwater Tanks?

People who get into the aquarium hobby usually opt for a freshwater aquarium rather than a reef tank, which is a better starting step. Many beginners have specific fish in mind before they go about setting up their tanks, and they’re often the most popular species that thrive in freshwater tropical habitats. The factors that make some freshwater fish more popular include looks, hardiness, disposition, behaviors, ease of breeding, and even appearances on film and television. Let’s get to know some of these species. Fancy Goldfish We can either thank or blame Hollywood for making goldfish such a popular aquarium species. It seems as if any scene that calls for …

Awesome Top-Dwelling Fish for Aquariums San Diego, CA

Top 6 Top-Dwelling Aquarium Fish

Here’s an aesthetic dilemma some fish keepers face with their tanks: the combination of plants, rocks, and decorations at the bottom can be easily complemented with bottom dwellers and invertebrates, but this can result in a visual void near the surface, especially with freshwater tanks of at least 20 gallons. This situation isn’t seen often in reef tanks because species that are native to coastal reefs will swim, feed, and play in various spots of the tank. If you notice most of your freshwater fish prefer to hang around the substrate, this could be a good opportunity to diversify the habitat and introduce some top dwellers. Several species are known …

Reasons to Take Up Fishkeeping San Diego, CA

6 Reasons Fishkeeping Is the Perfect Hobby

Many fish keepers will tell you that setting up an aquarium was one of the smartest decisions in their lives. They can talk about how great it feels to see aquatic species thriving in tanks or the whimsical aesthetic of underwater plants waving in the water. The aquarist hobby can be compared to keeping pets, but only to a certain degree, because it’s actually easier. The reality of fishkeeping is that it can be very rewarding, entertaining, and informative. If you’ve been thinking about becoming an aquarist, here are six reasons to consider. 1. Education About Ecosystems It’s worth putting this aspect of fishkeeping above the rest because it’s clearly …

Fish that Live Long Lives in Aquariums San Diego, CA

7 Fish that Can Enjoy Long Lives in an Aquarium

In 1977, researchers from the University of Nagoya determined that Hanako, a female koi, passed away as the age of 226, which means she spawned during the Edo Period of Imperial Japan. Koi are ornamental aquatic species that can easily live for more than two decades, but you don’t always have to set up a garden pond to keep aquatic species with long lifespans. Various other freshwater and saltwater fish are also known for their longevity, and you can keep them in aquariums. There are hardy species that can easily live for a decade as long as you take good care of your tank and provide a healthy ecosystem, which …

Luckiest Fish for Home Aquariums San Diego, CA

Which Fish Species Are Luckiest for Aquariums?

Fish keeping for ornamental purposes is an ancient tradition believed to have started during the Sumerian period. Archeologists believe aquaculture and fish farming underwent a natural progression toward ornamental ponds around the year 4,500 B.C., and this probably caught the attention of visitors and invaders from Asia, where the aquarium hobby has always enjoyed a relation with spiritual beliefs. In Japan, koi ponds are often maintained as part of Buddhist temples because ornamental carp species are symbols of fortune and perseverance. In many regions of China, aquariums are placed in commercial and residential spaces as part of the feng shui practice, which advocates certain placement of objects for the purpose …

Should You Get Freshwater or Saltwater Aquarium San Diego, CA

How to Tell if You Should Get a Saltwater or Freshwater Aquarium

Fish keeping can be broken down into two main categories that conform to the major aquatic ecosystems: freshwater and saltwater. The most popular aquariums are of the freshwater kind, and saltwater aquariums are often subcategorized as saltwater reef aquariums because of the difference in filtration and lighting needs. Deciding which of these ecosystems you wish to recreate within an enclosed habitat should be the first step to take as you get started in the fish keeping hobby. The Main Difference Between Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums One of the many joys of the aquarium hobby is that you get to learn a lot from the world we live in. If you …

Good or Bad to Have Bedroom Aquariums San Diego, CA

Is It a Bad Idea to Have an Aquarium in a Bedroom?

One of the most memorable episodes of the Animal Planet reality television series Tanked involved a massive aquarium installed in the bedroom of Chad Ochocinco, a retired NFL player who lives in an upscale Miami mansion. The 350-gallon tank in question took up the entire headboard and most of the wall behind the king-size bed, and it was one of many amazing aquariums in the home of the former wide receiver. While not everyone can afford to set up an aquarium that essentially serves as a bed frame, many fish keepers think about installing a tank in the bedroom, and this is an idea that has some advantages as well …

Best Fish for Lobby Aquariums San Diego, CA

6 Fish Species that Are Perfect for an Aquarium in a Lobby

A freshwater or reef tank in the lobby of a commercial space can add a considerable touch of class to your business. In Asia, architects who design commercial spaces often place the lobby facing north. This is done so proprietors can follow the feng shui tradition of placing an aquarium oriented toward luck and prosperity. Coastal hotels and seafood restaurants are known to install tanks in their lobby areas to greet visitors, but many dental clinics have also taken up this practice as a means of easing the anxieties of patients in waiting rooms. Once you decide a nice aquarium is what your lobby needs to really come alive, you …

Hardy Species for Fish Tanks San Diego, CA

7 of the Hardiest Fish to Get for Your New Tank

As with other hobbies, fish keeping features a learning curve beginners have to deal with, and they’re bound to make mistakes when they get started. The aquarium hobby not only involves purchasing high-quality fish tank supplies, but also establishing an enclosed ecosystem in places where fish and invertebrate species wouldn’t normally live in. Fish keepers get to learn about biochemistry, marine biology, and aquatic habitats, but they can also make mistakes along the way. For this reason, it’s recommended that they start off with tropical species known for their hardiness and resiliency. The most ideal situation would be a planted tank that has been gradually established over a few weeks, …

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