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Types of Freshwater Fish Which Are Easy to Cater in San Diego, CA

What Types of Freshwater Fish Are Easy to Care For?

Whether you’re a novice to owning fish or simply want to own low-maintenance fish, there are certain types of freshwater fish that are easier to care for than others. Not all fish have the same level of tolerance to an aquarium environment, and some may require different freshwater aquarium supplies than others. As you begin to fill your aquarium, you’ll likely want to choose specific breeds of fish that are easy to care for. What Makes a Particular Freshwater Fish Easy to Care For? If a fish is considered to be hardy, it will likely do well with beginner aquarists and has a lower care level than other types of …

Ways to Take Care of Freshwater Planted Aquariums in San Diego, CA

5 Tips for Taking Care of Freshwater Planted Aquariums

A freshwater planted aquarium can enhance your home’s look. Beyond aesthetics, plants assist in creating a natural ecosystem by improving water quality and reducing algae proliferation. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and nitrates from the water while producing oxygen, creating a healthy aquarium. If freshwater planted aquariums sound appealing, follow these tips for maintaining one. 1. Keep Ideal Water Parameters Selecting the right sort of aquarium environment is crucial for plants to survive. Researching your aquarium’s water characteristics and choosing plants that can coexist within the same water ranges can reduce issues and help you maintain ideal water conditions. Three important water characteristics to keep in mind are temperature, hardness, and …

Best Plants for Freshwater Aquariums in San Diego, CA

6 Perfect Plants to Add to a Freshwater Fish Aquarium

You know your fish need a great deal of care and attention, which means you should always make sure to give them the best habitat possible. While those cute fish castles and treasure chests offer some color to your tank and possibly a few hiding spots, your fish benefit greatly by just adding a few plants. However, it can be a tricky task to pick out which plants will do well in your tank, which is why we at Aquatic Warehouse put together a list of the best freshwater plants to add to your aquarium. 1. Amazon Sword Known for its leaves that resemble little swords, the Amazon Sword is …

6 Cool Fish to Get for a Freshwater Aquarium in San Diego, CA

6 Best Fish for Freshwater Aquariums

Whether you’re an experienced aquarist or are just entering the world of caring for a fish tank for the first time, building and maintaining a freshwater aquarium is a very exciting adventure. You’ll be spending a lot of time looking at and taking care of your fish, so you’ll want to make sure they are interesting to watch. Here are six of the coolest fish to get for a freshwater aquarium. 1. Guppies Guppies are known for their bright, beautiful colors. They also breed very quickly, so unless you want to have a whole tank full of guppies, you should stick with the same sex. They do well in tanks …

The Basics of Creating a Freshwater Planted Aquarium in San Diego, CA

All You Need to Create a Freshwater Planted Aquarium

So you’ve decided to begin creating your own freshwater planted aquarium. First off, congratulations! Secondly, you’ve come to the right place to look for tips and the highest quality aquarium supplies at Aquatic Warehouse. We are a leading aquarium supplier in San Diego, CA. The first thing you need to consider is the tank where your fish and plants will live in. Determine the size and choose a location in your home where you can place it and keep it safe from little kids, pets, and uneven ground, and make sure to limit any direct sun. The next things you’ll want to buy are aquarium supplies, which you can find the …

Differences Between Freshwater & Saltwater Aquariums in San Diego, CA

How Are Saltwater & Freshwater Aquariums Different?

There are many good reasons to consider getting a saltwater or freshwater aquarium. However, not everyone knows what makes them different aside from the water itself. The truth is that saltwater tanks don’t have a lot in common with freshwater tanks. Here are a few of the main differences between the two. Size Even though there are nano tanks available, most experts still recommend nothing less than a 50-gallon tank for saltwater fish. The increased water volume makes it far easier to maintain a larger tank. In contrast, there’s no change in maintenance difficulty regarding freshwater tanks of any size, and you can start with a simple 10-gallon tank.  Costs of …

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