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Can You Keep More Fish in Planted Aquariums San Diego, CA

Can Planted Aquariums Contain More Fish?

All aquarium habitats will benefit from live plants. The best way to get into fish keeping is to start out with plants and allow them to ease the habitat into the nitrogen cycle until an aquatic ecosystem can be established. Plants will continue to take important roles in terms of optimally adjusting the biochemistry of the ecosystem, which means planted aquariums have a great potential of making aquatic habitats healthier for all species. As to the question at hand, freshwater planted aquariums can make it easier to support a heavier bioload, which means they can hold more fish, but there are some caveats in this regard. More Fish Isn’t Always …

Little-Known Advantages of Freshwater Planted Aquariums San Diego, CA

5 Little-Known Benefits of Owning Freshwater Planted Aquariums

An aquarium with live plants will always look better than one with plastic ornaments. Freshwater planted aquariums require slightly more involvement from fish keepers because they’re more of a sophisticated ecosystem, but the effort and extra care are certainly worth it not just for aquarists but also for fish. Most beginner aquarists don’t start off with live plants. They might believe they’re a lot of work, but this isn’t really the case. While it’s true you’ll need more equipment and a longer waiting time to establish the tank, some aquatic plant species are as easy to keep as hardy fish. If you’re just getting into fish keeping, making a planted …

Guide to Freshwater Planted Tanks San Diego, CA

A Beginner’s Guide to Freshwater Planted Aquariums

Freshwater planted aquariums differ greatly from small aquariums with decorations. They can be slightly more involved to get started but are beautiful and well worth the small added effort when finished. Some tanks have large rocks or driftwood in the center and there are various substrates that can be used. The common equipment needed for these types of tanks includes LED lighting, a heater, a filtration system, and planted tank soil. The most common size for beginners is between 10 and 20 gallons. While a freshwater planted aquarium can survive in a smaller tank, it’s harder to keep up with a tank smaller than 10 gallons, as you can’t easily …

Lots of Plants in Freshwater Planted Aquariums San Diego, CA

Why Planted Aquariums Need to Be Loaded with Plants to Thrive

Freshwater planted aquariums can be a stress-relieving and artistic hobby with the added benefit of making the surrounding room more aesthetically pleasing. Fish add multiple colors to the tank, while plants add a splash of green and even red. In addition to being a visually pleasing addition to a tank, having a lot of plants benefits the environment within the tank in multiple ways. Tank Maintenance Green plants maintain air quality within an aquarium by producing oxygen for the fish to breathe while absorbing wastes, pollutants, the carbon dioxide the fish produce, which helps the tank stay cleaner and clearer. Healthy plants prevent substrate decay by emitting small amounts of …

Why Use CO2 in Freshwater Planted Aquariums San Diego, CA

How Is Using CO2 in a Planted Aquarium Beneficial?

When we craft aquariums, we seek to replicate a healthy ecosystem, usually similar to a pond, sea, or lake, in an indoor enclosure inside of a business or home. Freshwater planted aquariums in particular wrestle with the constraints of local tap water, limited space, and limited water and air flow to still create an ecologically balanced aquarium in a very natural way. Some use additions like artistic wood and rock to create a thriving environment that’s close to self-sustaining. Still, we perform water and filter changes and provide artificial lighting. And freshwater planted tanks, unable to reach the amount needed independently, require CO2 to grow and have the color they …

Low-Light Plans for Freshwater Aquariums San Diego, CA

6 Low-Light Plants to Consider for Your Aquarium

Low levels of light in aquariums can lend to the creation of beautiful aquatic landscapes that possess a naturalistic feel. However, low-light aquariums can’t house just any plant. They’re only suitable for plants adapted to dim light. Here are six of the best low-light aquarium plants, all of which are perfect for freshwater planted aquariums. Remember all plants will grow better and with less algae as long as you add Seachem Excel on a daily basis (1/2 cap/5 gallons) when the lights come on and a light fertilizer such as Seachem Flourish two times a week. 1. Java Moss This southeast Asian moss thrives in low light. It’s popular in …

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