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What's Needed for Saltwater Aquariums San Diego, CA

What’s Required to Maintain a Saltwater Aquarium?

The fish keeping hobby can be split into two main categories: freshwater and saltwater habitats. We call the ornamental species that can be kept in both habitats “tropical” even though some of them are actually native to colder waters, but they’re resilient enough to thrive in temperate waters. Saltwater tanks are divided into reef tanks (corals and small, reef-safe fish) and saltwater fish (without corals), but there are a few other saltwater variations, such as predator and brackish water aquariums. The filtration needs are often larger for fish tanks because of the amount of waste larger fish develop, whereas reef tanks demand different filtration and a more pristine water quality …

Best Plants for Saltwater Fish Aquariums San Diego, CA

7 Plants that Are Ideal for a Saltwater Fish Tank

Algae is one of the most significant differences between keeping freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Whereas fish keepers with freshwater tanks will try to keep algae growth to a minimum, those with saltwater aquariums can benefit from introducing macroalgae organisms, which are commonly referred to as marine plants. Since these aren’t terrestrial life forms, they don’t flower or seed. They reproduce through spores, and some of them are even more resilient than their freshwater counterparts. Reef tanks won’t be complete without the addition of plants, usually in the form of dried seaweed to supplement the diets of the fish. This is particularly true if the tank contains species such as tangs, …

Necessary Supplies for Reef Tanks San Diego, CA

What Are the Essential Supplies You Need for a Reef Tank

Reef tanks are popular because they’re the closest thing to the reefs in the oceans. Due to the size of the reef tank, you must make sure the fish get along with each other. With the proper equipment and research, your tank’s species may form a symbiotic relationship. When you have a reef tank system there are many saltwater aquarium supplies you’ll need to acquire. Lighting Lighting is a top priority due to reef tanks containing corals. Just like plants convert sunlight, algae convert light into food, and the byproducts are what coral live on. The general rule is 3.5 watts per gallon of water for soft coral and 4.5 …

Buying Saltwater Fish Online San Diego, CA

Should You Purchase Your Saltwater Fish Online?

These days, anything and everything is available for purchase online. If you’re interested in acquiring some saltwater fish for your aquarium at home, there are several reputable online retailers to choose from. However, there are also plenty of reasons to consider buying saltwater fish in person at a store instead. Selection An online store will have an extensive selection of saltwater fish. The chances a basic pet store will carry a wide variety of saltwater fish are low. However, if you’re fortunate enough to have a local store that specializes in aquatic pets and supplies (for instance, if you’re lucky enough to have Aquatic Warehouse in your town), you’re sure …

Benefits of Saltwater Fish Tanks San Diego, CA

How Are Saltwater Aquariums Beneficial?

Saltwater aquariums are some of the most fascinating and therapeutic interactions of millions of peoples’ lives across the globe. As humans, we live on solid ground and always have an innate curiosity toward the ever-elegant life under the sea. Perhaps this is why saltwater aquariums are prominently displayed in various types of restaurants, homes, and offices. Saltwater aquariums have many great benefits, and Aquatic Warehouse, a leading provider of saltwater aquarium supplies, would like to share a few. Increase Wellbeing One of the most important reasons people buy saltwater aquariums is the peace and splendor of colors they bring. Because the magically bright and exotic marine life mixes with the …

Backup Power for Saltwater Aquarium San Diego, CA

Why Do You Need Backup Power for a Saltwater Aquarium?

Power outages can occur without warning. Without a backup power source for your saltwater tank, a power outage could become a threat to your fish. While some outages last for a few minutes, others may last for days at a time. Typically, an outage that lasts longer than a couple of hours might begin to spell disaster for your fish.  You need electricity for the pumps, heaters, lights, filtration, and other saltwater aquarium supplies to work properly. The lights in the aquarium are necessary for the coral’s food production. The filtration gives fish a continual oxygen supply, and without this the fish could suffocate. A heat source is essential as …

6 Reasons to Get a Saltwater Fish Tank

Saltwater aquariums are a unique and fun way to add enjoyment to your home. With the right tank choice as well as the proper saltwater aquarium supplies, these beautiful installations can be home to many delightful and exotic creatures that are sure to liven up any space. Below are six reasons to own a saltwater aquarium. 1. They’re a Great Interior Design Choice Few things are as unique or captivating as a live saltwater aquarium. An aquarium can serve as a bold and bright focal point for a room. The great variety of creatures that can be included in an aquarium makes them endlessly interesting. Aquariums can add a valuable …

5 Tips for Growing a Plant in a Saltwater Aquarium in San Diego, CA

5 Easy Plants to Grow in Your Saltwater Aquarium or Refugium

When most saltwater enthusiasts think of “macroalgae,” they think about tucking these beautiful aquatic plants away in a refugium, but these gems can really spiff up an aquarium as well. Also known to function as natural filters, these algae efficiently strain nitrates and other accumulating wastes that can build unwanted algae, like brown algae. Along the way, this nitrate-removal operation denies harmful microalgae the sustenance needed to get established. Also, these plants are a source of free oxygen. The following are among the easiest plants to grow in a saltwater tank, and a lot of us at Aquatic Warehouse think they’re also among the most attractive. 1. Spaghetti Algae Experienced …

Saltwater Tank Maintenance Tips in San Diego, CA

How to Take Care of the Coral in Your Saltwater Tank

Coral is a beautiful way to add color and interest to your saltwater tank, but it does require proper care to remain vibrant and attractive. Coral is an animal, and as such, you need to understand what type of light is needed, how to feed it, and the right water conditions needed for it to thrive. Once you understand how to care for your coral, you and your fish will be able to enjoy it for many years to come. Know the Correct Saltwater Tank Water Parameters Coral requires certain parameters to grow properly: Gravity 1.023–1.025  • Alkalinity 2.1–2.5 mEq/L  • Temperature 76–81°F  • Magnesium 1200–1280 ppm  • Calcium 400–430 …

5 Suggestions for New Saltwater Aquarium Owners in San Diego, CA

5 Tips for People Who Are New to Saltwater Aquariums

There’s nothing more beautiful than a saltwater aquarium filled with colorful exotic fish. However, you have some important decisions to make when adding a saltwater aquarium to your home. Here are six tips every beginner to the world of saltwater aquariums should know. 1. Place the Aquarium in the Ideal Location The proper location of a saltwater aquarium can reduce the maintenance time. Your tank needs to be away from direct sunlight because it encourages algae growth, which means it will need to be cleaned more often. An algae-ridden tank can affect the health of your fish and obscure your view. Choose an area of the home that is well …

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