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6 Coolest Ways to Decorate Your Fish Tank

Cool Decoration Themes for Fish Tanks San Diego, CA

Getting children interested in the aquarist hobby is a great way to introduce them to topics such as marine biology and biochemistry. Moreover, if they’re able to care for their tanks, this will foster a sense of responsibility. This is already a win-win situation, but it can be taken a step further with a cool decoration theme that will resonate with children. Decorating a tank is the easiest task in the fish keeping hobby. However, you should really put some effort and creativity into it. Here are six fun ideas that can make your aquarium look really cool, brought to you by the aquarium experts at Aquatic Warehouse.

1. SpongeBob SquarePants

The popularity of this animated series explains why this aquarium theme is easy to put together. SpongeBob and his friends live in a fictional underwater place called Big Bikini Bottom, and you shouldn’t have any problems finding tank backgrounds and ornaments that feature not only the show’s quirky characters but also some landmarks such as the pineapple house and submerged tiki head.

2. Finding Nemo

This is another very popular theme that has inspired plenty of tank backgrounds and ornaments, many of them licensed by Pixar Studios. Fish keepers who care for clownfish and other tropical saltwater species are the most likely to choose this theme, which can be accentuated with blue lighting to match the colorful scheme of the film.

3. Zen Garden

Some Zen monasteries in Japan feature gorgeous koi ponds, but you can flip things around and turn your aquarium into a Zen garden. To create this theme, you’ll need a lot of plants, and they cannot be the fake plastic kind. The background can be that of a temple or a green landscape. A Buddha ornament, rocks, and bamboo decorations will complete this look.

4. Outer Space

This theme is pretty easy in terms of decorations. There are plenty of backgrounds that feature high-resolution images captured by orbiting telescopes, and you can also find astronaut ornaments. Soft-white lighting is key for this theme. Additionally, you should get some rocks in different colors.

5. The Little Mermaid

Young girls who are fans of Disney films will appreciate this aquarium theme. The most popular ornaments feature Ariel and her friends, and you can also find colorful backgrounds for your tank. The lighting scheme should be red and green.

6. Holiday Aquarium Themes

Thanks to the ease of setting up aquarium decoration themes, you can also make them seasonal. Similar to the way you change your computer and smartphone wallpaper toward the end of the year, you can shop around for cool backgrounds featuring Christmas scenes such as markets, cafés, winter cabins, and others. Finding aquarium-safe holiday ornaments shouldn’t be a problem, and you can always arrange colorful lights around the outside of the tank.

Don’t forget to see if your child would rather go with the “natural look” with real plants that look tropical and maybe add a couple dinosaurs to “Jurassic” it up—very cool!

Decorations are certainly fun, but most importantly you’ll need to purchase several supplies for your aquarium to maintain it properly. Whether you need a dosing pump, protein skimmer, testing kits, chillers or heaters, or any other aquarium supply, Aquatic Warehouse has got you covered. We’re located in Kearny Mesa, or you can order what you need on our website and have it delivered to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 858-467-9297.



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