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Do You Need Decorations in Your Aquarium?

Are Decorations Needed for Fish Tanks San Diego, CA

The average aquarium shop carries as many decorations as they do the more essential freshwater and saltwater aquarium supplies. The profit margin potential on tank decorations is higher than it is for most tropical fish species because such items don’t require breeding, feeding, or special handling during transportation. Aquarium fish have always been ornamental. If you think about it, they’re prettier than any decoration you can put in an aquarium, and for the most part they’ll be indifferent to the appearance of shipwrecks or those vintage deep sea divers figurines that adorn the bottom of so many fish tanks. While it could be argued that fish don’t really care about how their enclosed habitat looks, there are a few reasons that justify placing decorative items in your tank.

Natural Decorations

You may have noticed that saltwater reef tanks seldom feature decorations, and this is a stylistic matter. When live rock is cured and added to a saltwater tank, it promotes the growth of colorful organisms such as sponges and colorful, hard calcareous algae. No artificial decorations are able to match the striking looks of a reef habitat. This explains why natural decorations are always the best choice. But with freshwater aquariums, you should always choose live plants, rocks, and caves made from rocks or coconut shells over artificial decorations because fish will feel more familiar around them, and they’ll also take advantage of their functionality.

Decorations for Territorial Aquarium Species

Some tropical fish species tend to be more aggressive than others. For example, male Betta fish are fighters by nature. If they don’t share a tank with other Betta males, they might try to pick fights with other species unless they’re able to claim territory. You can keep a male Betta with other species in a community tank, but you need to provide it with spots they can call their own, and this is when decorations come in handy, particularly if they can serve as caves.

Aquarium Decorations as Protection

Some species need hiding spots that decorations can provide. For example, guppies are known to become skittish in community tanks stocked with angelfish and rainbow sharks that are overly active and mildly aggressive. Such a community will get along if the rainbows and angels can claim decorations as part of their territory, and the guppies will feel safer when they have places where they can sleep or hide.

Decorations as Bubbling Devices

Those vintage divers that stand next to treasure chests with lids that open and close need to be activated by the air pump. These are examples of aquarium decorations that serve additional and useful purposes because they generate more bubbles. Let’s not forget that bubbles agitate the water column in an aquarium, which means they promote mechanical oxygenation. Many aquarium decorations can be connected to the aeration system, and some are even equipped with air stones or small power heads.

Whether you need some attractive decorations for your aquarium or the essential supplies to properly maintain your tank, such as a dosing pump, filter, LED lighting, or air pumps, Aquatic Warehouse has everything you need. Stop by our store located in Kearny Mesa, order your supplies from our website, or give us a call at 858-467-9297 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives.


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