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7 Exotic Fish You Can Add to Your Freshwater Aquarium

Exotic Freshwater Aquarium Fish San Diego, CA

Aquarium envy is an issue sometimes experienced by freshwater fish keepers who look at the species of their saltwater counterparts. While it’s true that many saltwater aquarium species are gorgeous and tend to be more colorful than the average freshwater fish, this is mostly a matter of convenience and economics. The most popular freshwater fish tend to be the hardiest and most resilient. However, many are as pretty as they are tough survivors, which makes them easier for aquarium shops to stock and breed. If you’re looking for freshwater species other than the usual guppies and danios, the staff at Aquatic Warehouse—a leading provider of freshwater aquarium supplies, suggests some more interesting fish to consider.

1. Dwarf Puffer Fish

The Tetraodontidae family is mostly known for the spiny blowfish that inhabits coral reefs, but the dwarf puffer is a freshwater variant that’s popular in Asian aquariums. Although very cute, dwarf puffers require a diet that includes snails.

2. Butterfly Fish

This species looks prehistoric for a reason. It’s believed to have been around since dinosaurs roamed our planet. You may need to get a cover for your tank since this species will jump to feed on insects.

3. Zebra Plecostomus

This resilient bottom dweller is from the Amazon River, which is what makes it exotic. Mass exports of these striped plecos are prohibited by Brazilian law, but quite a few made it to North America before the ban. Aside from its striking appearance, this fish feeds on algae, therefore helping you keep the tank clean.

4. Elephant Fish

This is one of many freshwater species that emit electric fields, but only in the wild and never in a tank. They’re bottom dwellers that use their trunk-like mouth to extract food from the substrate.

5. Flowerhorn Cichlid

These fish look as if they belong in a reef tank because of their vivid colors. They tend to be territorial and very aggressive. Asian aquarists who know better keep flowerhorns in separate tanks and feed them with caution to avoid overgrowth.

6. Rope Fish

Sometimes referred to as snakefish, this is a relative of eels. Rope fish are interesting to watch while swimming, but they also need regular feeding of live food, which you can always collect and breed in separate tanks. In the wild, rope fish will jump out of ponds that have run out of nutrition, so make sure to keep your tank covered.

7. Snakehead Fish

The name of this species describes its appearance very accurately. Snakeheads are excellent swimmers and voracious predators that need to be kept in their own tanks unless they’ve been introduced to other aquarium species as juveniles. Although snakeheads aren’t inherently aggressive, they won’t think twice about consuming other species if there’s no live feed.

Whether you need some beautiful new fish for your freshwater aquarium or need all of the essential supplies to keep those fish happy and healthy, Aquatic Warehouse has got you covered. Check out what we have to offer on our website, stop by our store in Kearny Mesa, or give us a call today at 858-467-9297.


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