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Is It a Bad Idea to Have an Aquarium in a Bedroom?

Good or Bad to Have Bedroom Aquariums San Diego, CA

One of the most memorable episodes of the Animal Planet reality television series Tanked involved a massive aquarium installed in the bedroom of Chad Ochocinco, a retired NFL player who lives in an upscale Miami mansion. The 350-gallon tank in question took up the entire headboard and most of the wall behind the king-size bed, and it was one of many amazing aquariums in the home of the former wide receiver.

While not everyone can afford to set up an aquarium that essentially serves as a bed frame, many fish keepers think about installing a tank in the bedroom, and this is an idea that has some advantages as well as disadvantages. As long as you have enough space, setting up a bedroom tank should be no different than in the living room, but there are other things to consider as well. The knowledgeable staff at Aquatic Warehouse, a leading provider of saltwater and freshwater aquarium supplies, would like to share a few of these considerations.

East-Facing Bedroom Windows

A bedroom that gets a few hours of sunlight in the morning can feel very comfortable when you dress the window with sheer curtains. This will allow you to wake up naturally and without having to set an alarm clock. You can also take advantage of this illumination to appreciate an aquarium during the morning hours, but the direct sunlight will also stimulate algae growth. This isn’t a problem if you can commit to a strict cleaning schedule. Alternatively, you can stock your tank with fish that feed on algae or else keep the curtains drawn to avoid excessive exposure to UV radiation.

A Fishy Smell in the Bedroom

The aforementioned 350-gallon tank in the bedroom of Chad Ochocinco was equipped with a sophisticated aeration and ventilation system to avoid the salty smell of a coral reef on a hot windless day. All aquarium tanks can have a slight odor, particularly if you have carnivorous species that require brine and worm feeding, and even constant cleaning and frequent water changes won’t completely do away with the smell.

Noise that Could Keep You Awake at Night

This is probably the strongest argument against keeping a tank in your bedroom, but only if you’re not able to soundproof the aeration and filtration system. Some fish keepers, particularly military veterans who can sleep through anything, will get used to noisy aquariums, but their spouses may not. There are quite a few do-it-yourself projects for dampening aquarium noise. They mostly deal with foam padding around the cabinet, and you can search for instructions online.

Incorrect Feng Shui Placement

Depending on your interpretation of feng shui, the bedroom may not be the most adequate place for a fish tank. If your bedroom is oriented and decorated in a way that stimulates energy regeneration, you shouldn’t install an aquarium there. On the other hand, if the bedroom is your work-from-home office, a nice tank will attract the spiritual energies related to good luck and prosperity.

Whether you set up your tank in your bedroom or elsewhere in the house, you need to acquire all of the essential supplies to maintain it properly. At Aquatic Warehouse you can find everything you need, whether it’s an aquarium temperature controller, beneficial bacteria, heaters or coolers, or testing kits. We’re located in Kearny Mesa, or you can order what you need from our website. Call us today at 858-467-9297 if you have any questions.


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