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7 Fish that Can Enjoy Long Lives in an Aquarium

Fish that Live Long Lives in Aquariums San Diego, CA

In 1977, researchers from the University of Nagoya determined that Hanako, a female koi, passed away as the age of 226, which means she spawned during the Edo Period of Imperial Japan. Koi are ornamental aquatic species that can easily live for more than two decades, but you don’t always have to set up a garden pond to keep aquatic species with long lifespans. Various other freshwater and saltwater fish are also known for their longevity, and you can keep them in aquariums. There are hardy species that can easily live for a decade as long as you take good care of your tank and provide a healthy ecosystem, which requires having all of the essential saltwater or freshwater aquarium supplies. Here are seven aquarium fish that, with the proper care, could be with you for a while.

1. Goldfish

Topping the longevity list is one of the most popular aquarium species. Goldfish are extremely resilient, which is why they’re often recommended to beginners, and some of them have lived longer than their average 25-year lifespan. In the Guinness Book of World Records, you can find a goldfish that lived for 45 years.

2. Bloodfin Tetra

Not to be confused with neon tetras, which only live a few years, bloodfins are extremely resilient and known to survive more than a decade as long as they feel comfortable with a school of about five to seven tankmates. If you set up a tank with nothing but bloodfin tetras and a good amount of plants, you’ll maximize their lifespan.

3. Pacu

This species is related to South American piranhas, but their teeth aren’t so ominous. Australian pacus can easily live for 10 years as long as they’re fed with a diverse omnivorous diet. You’ll need a large tank to keep this peaceful and hardy fish because they can grow to more than 25 inches. We don’t recommend buying or keeping pacus because they grow too large (and very quickly) to keep in anything smaller than a 1,000-gallon aquarium.

4. Sturgeon

Not all sturgeon have to be kept in ponds, but they do require at least 250 gallons of water and a diverse substrate to thrive. In a garden pond, sturgeon can live more than 50 years. In a large freshwater or brackish water tank, their lifespans are about three decades.

5. Clownfish

This is one of the most popular, hardy fish of the reef tank world. Clowns can live 10 or more years under the right conditions. They often don’t get to live as long in coastal reefs because of predators. At Aquatic Warehouse, we have a pair of maroon clownfish that have been in our 170-gallon display tank for over 20 years!

6. Blue Damsel

In captivity, the Australian variant of this species can live 15 years, and they’re not picky eaters. Other damsels don’t typically live as long.

7. Angelfish

Although they look delicate, angelfish are actually pretty hardy, and they can live up to the 10 years when properly cared for. What some beginner aquarists may not be aware of is that angelfish continue growing well into their adult stage of life, and they can reach eight inches, which is when they’ll live longer. Note that we’re referring to freshwater angels (pterophyllum atum). There are a couple of saltwater species commonly known as angels as well.

If you want your fish to live long, healthy lives, you’ll need to properly maintain your aquarium. This means you’ll need several key supplies, including but not limited to aquarium controllers, filtration, protein skimmers, and LED lighting, and you can find everything you’re looking for at Aquatic Warehouse. Stop by our store located in Kearny Mesa, or order everything you need from our website. If you have any questions, call 858-467-9297 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives.



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