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6 Reasons Fishkeeping Is the Perfect Hobby

Reasons to Take Up Fishkeeping San Diego, CA

Many fish keepers will tell you that setting up an aquarium was one of the smartest decisions in their lives. They can talk about how great it feels to see aquatic species thriving in tanks or the whimsical aesthetic of underwater plants waving in the water. The aquarist hobby can be compared to keeping pets, but only to a certain degree, because it’s actually easier. The reality of fishkeeping is that it can be very rewarding, entertaining, and informative. If you’ve been thinking about becoming an aquarist, here are six reasons to consider.

1. Education About Ecosystems

It’s worth putting this aspect of fishkeeping above the rest because it’s clearly one of the most beneficial. From the moment you start researching the hobby, you’ll be learning about marine biology, biochemistry, and sustainable habitats. This fun and educational hobby is even more beneficial when young children are involved.

2. Interior Decoration

You can never go wrong with setting up a fish tank as the focal point of indoor spaces such as living rooms, dens, and bedrooms. Aquariums are decorative items that inject color and nature into any space of your home.

3. Silent and Peaceful Pets

Not everyone is cut out for feline or canine companionship, and not all households are adequate for these pets. If you prefer animal companions that will be peaceful and quiet in your house, becoming an aquarist is highly recommended because you won’t have to worry about incessant barking waking up the neighbors, cats running around the house all night, or the freezing cold early-morning mandatory dog walks and bag-o-fun!

4. Low Barriers to Entry

It’s fairly easy to get started with an aquarium. You don’t have to worry about high costs if you start out with a freshwater aquarium, and you can have it ready to stock with fish in less than a week. In the case of a reef tank, which is a bit more involved, you can take your time and gradually establish the ecosystem with plants and substrate while saving up for carbon filtration systems, live rock, fish, and invertebrates.

5. Fairly Easy Maintenance

In no time you’ll become a seasoned aquarist and set up a tank with a highly efficient ecosystem that promotes sustainability. This means the frequency of water changes can be kept to a minimum and the balance of species in the habitat will reduce the need for deep cleaning. You can even set up automatic feeding, lighting, and warming devices in case you need to be away from home for a few days. At Aquatic Warehouse, we can get any novice to the next level with a simple visit to our 10,000 square foot store loaded with every type of aquatic interest and the most knowledgeable staff in Southern California!

6. Cognitive, Health, and Emotional Benefits

As previously mentioned, fishkeeping is rich learning experience, and it can also be good for your health. Numerous studies show the calming effect of fishkeeping can promote lower heart and blood pressure rates. Aquarists with depression have reported emotional improvement after getting into the hobby.

If you’re ready to become a dedicated aquarist, you’ll need to make sure to have all of the essential fish tank supplies on hand before you get started. You can find everything you need at Aquatic Warehouse, whether you order from our website or come to our store in Kearny Mesa. If you have any questions, please call 858-467-9297 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives.


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