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Why Planted Aquariums Need to Be Loaded with Plants to Thrive

Lots of Plants in Freshwater Planted Aquariums San Diego, CA

Freshwater planted aquariums can be a stress-relieving and artistic hobby with the added benefit of making the surrounding room more aesthetically pleasing. Fish add multiple colors to the tank, while plants add a splash of green and even red. In addition to being a visually pleasing addition to a tank, having a lot of plants benefits the environment within the tank in multiple ways.

Tank Maintenance

Green plants maintain air quality within an aquarium by producing oxygen for the fish to breathe while absorbing wastes, pollutants, the carbon dioxide the fish produce, which helps the tank stay cleaner and clearer. Healthy plants prevent substrate decay by emitting small amounts of oxygen into the substrate through the plant’s roots. These processes only happen with live plants in the tank, and they help with maintaining the overall health of the tank itself.

Fish Safety

Plants provide hiding areas for the fish inside the aquarium. Fish that reproduce by laying eggs use the plants as nesting areas, and plants hide the babies of live bearing fish from larger fish, thus helping them survive. Having an abundance of plants provides multiple areas for the fish to breed. Adult fish use plants to hide from their more predatory aquarium mates.

Natural Atmosphere

It’s obvious that fish thrive when an aquarium is well maintained. When there are plants in a tank, fish may alter their behavior in a more positive way. Having a lot of live plants creates a more natural atmosphere for the fish, which allows them to behave in a more natural manner and provides spectators with a more interesting viewing experience. Plastic plants and decorations don’t offer the same natural atmosphere for the fish as live plants. Live plants allow fish to feel more at home in their captive environment. It’s been proven that plants emit natural antibiotic benefits into the water column, which can keep fish in an aquarium healthy.

Aesthetic Benefits

Without plants an aquarium looks bare. Adding more plants makes a tank seem more full and lively. Even if you add something as easy as low-light plants like Java fern to your existing decorations, it gives a really nice effect to your aquarium. The green plants add a punch of color to the aquarium. Fish tend to swim in and around plants, giving a sense of movement to the area and making the aquarium more fun to watch. Remember, the more plants in an aquarium, the easier it is to maintain because they’re macroalgaes that compete with the obnoxious stuff—the microalgaes.

Hobby Extension

While choosing and caring for the fish in an aquarium and maintaining the aquarium itself is a fulfilling hobby, learning to properly care for plants within a tank adds another dimension to the pastime. Plants require a certain level of care to keep them healthy. As with garden plants, aquarium plants require proper lighting, temperature, fertilization, and substrate. The plants in an aquarium also require an appropriate pH level. Water changes must be performed regularly to keep plants healthy.

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