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What’s the Ideal Temperature for a Planted Aquarium?

Best Temperature Level for Planted Tanks San Diego, CA

Water temperature considerations for any aquarium will always come down to the species you stock your tank with. Whether you care for an aquascape or a planted tank that includes fish or invertebrates, you can’t assume all plants will thrive at the same temperature. Ornamental fish are largely resilient tropical species that can adapt to a range of temperatures. The same can be said about many plant species, but some happen to be more delicate than others.

Recommended Water Temperature for Planted Tanks

If you ask for freshwater tank temperature advice from your local aquarium supplier, chances are the recommendation will be around 76 or 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature assumes you’ll set up a thermostat to keep this environmental factor consistent, and it would be the same for an aquascape or a community planted tank. The assumption here is that all the species in your tank are used to tropical habitats where the water temperature fluctuates from 72 to 82 degrees under normal seasonal conditions. As long as other factors such as lighting and nutrients are provided, plants should be able to stay healthy with this stable temperature.

Best Temperature Conditions for Aquatic Plants

Air and water temperature can impact the metabolic rate of aquatic plants. At warmer temperatures, plants that are native to tropical climates will be able to shift their metabolic rate higher, which means their photosynthesis process will be faster. Flowering species such as water wisterias will bloom nicely when they’re planted in a tank with abundant lighting and warmer temperatures, and they’ll also look more compact. It’s important to note that plants in a warmer tank will also require more carbon dioxide as a nutrient. It’s good to remember that if you’re planting mosses in your aquascape, a little on the cooler side (like 74-76 degrees) will promote the best results.

Most Resilient Aquatic Plants

A freshwater aquarium stocked with species such as rainbow shiners, cherry shrimp, and clown killifish won’t require a thermostat, which means you can safely plant Java fern and water lettuce. In a tank stocked with discus fish, a species that requires water temperatures of at least 82 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll be very limited in plant varieties but you could plant Bucephalandra along with Anubias and Vallisneria.

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